The Public Health & Medical Technology of India (PHMT of India) is introduced for the welfare and improving the quality of the Public Medical Science. The Aim of Organization is to provide training regarding Health and Medical Technology to the unemployed educated youths with the aim for there self employment in the remote area of the India in the Indialearning realization.

Our Management

PHMT is Managed by Fully Qualified Group of Teachers and Technicians. The Management of Our Society Public Health and Medical Technology of India is governed by Well educated and deserved candidated. We at PHMT believes that Organization is as strong as the Management itselves. Hence Our Organization is operated by a well educated and trained members only

Aims & Objective

Quality Education Everywhere !

PHMT of India is developing fully qualified hands for providing physiotherapy treatment as well as qualified laboratory technician. In order to meet these demands and also to provide employment avenues the Institute has taken up these two courses. Biotechnology and Microbiology are other two upcoming fields where we shall be giving post graduate degree's. To meet this new demand, the Institute intends to take up these courses in the beginning.


Quality Courses Guaranteed !

PHMT is of the most reputed institute for Nursing, medical Laboratory and Physiotherapy. Courses at PHMT of India is as per international norms and benefit all candidates seeking admission to PHMT of India. We appreciate the founder of PHMT of India for Their Quality Course Programs.